Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Fair Gala - Strolling Table

My Fair Gala - Strolling Table

Our newest strolling table was created for a theater gala celebrating their upcoming season which will  be performing My Fair Lady. When they asked for ideas we suggested inviting Eliza Doolittle (with a little twist), they loved the idea!

She strolled around the event with silent auction items on her table, mingled with guest's and took tons of photos. 

About our tables:

  • they are 60" wide
  • can hold over 150 pounds
  • champagne & beverages can easily roam and stroll on tile, carpet, and patios
  • lawn and grass parties are not a problem - our tables can stroll on turf
  • custom tables can be created for your event
  •  some tables have been designed to mix & match colors and also add color or trim

We cast professional entertainers which makes a HUGE difference!!!! 


All tables have been designed & created by SDSE
we currently have over 50 designs
and are always adding more.

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