Monday, June 9, 2014

Glam Rock Strolling Table

Glam Rock Strolling Table

We received a last minute call from a caterer in Los Angeles, they had an event the following day and absolutely had to have a strolling table for their desserts. We currently have over 50 table to choose from and after looking through our website they decided to go with our Glam Rock table.
She was fully loaded with incredible desserts. As she entered the party the guest's went nuts! They were so excited to take photos and interact with our Joan Jett looking table lady.

As you can see, she went through her desserts.

She even had a great time rockin' out with everyone!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Silver Hollywood Glamour Strolling Tables

Silver Glamour Strolling Table

If you are looking for that Old Hollywood Glamour feel for your event this strolling table will make a great addition. This picture does not do it justice! It sparkles and shimmers when the light hits it as the entire costume and table cloth have silver sequins covering it. 

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My Fair Gala - Strolling Table

My Fair Gala - Strolling Table

Our newest strolling table was created for a theater gala celebrating their upcoming season which will  be performing My Fair Lady. When they asked for ideas we suggested inviting Eliza Doolittle (with a little twist), they loved the idea!

She strolled around the event with silent auction items on her table, mingled with guest's and took tons of photos. 

About our tables:

  • they are 60" wide
  • can hold over 150 pounds
  • champagne & beverages can easily roam and stroll on tile, carpet, and patios
  • lawn and grass parties are not a problem - our tables can stroll on turf
  • custom tables can be created for your event
  •  some tables have been designed to mix & match colors and also add color or trim

We cast professional entertainers which makes a HUGE difference!!!! 


All tables have been designed & created by SDSE
we currently have over 50 designs
and are always adding more.

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