Wednesday, April 5, 2017

LED Strolling Tables - Glowing Human Table Ladies

LED Strolling Table

San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

Are you looking to add that extra special something, that extra POP and WOW to your event?
Let us to introduce you to our glowing led strolling tables.

Our beautiful ladies will light up any event.

led strolling table

They will effortlessly glide through your event offering
champagne, appetizer's, or desserts to your guest's.

strolling tables led

 Who can resist a beautiful lady offering you a delicious dessert?

strolling led table

LED strolling tables can be customized to fit the mood of your event.

strolling table

Our young ladies interact and entertain your guest while serving them desserts.
They are always extremely popular!

glowing strolling table lady

The original
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