Thursday, March 16, 2017

Strolling Champagne Dress - Skirt

Strolling Champagne Skirt Dress

San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

A Strolling champagne dress for an animal themed event.
skirt full of Champagne glasses
 We had the pleasure of creating a special dress for an Cheetah themed event, if you have ever looked for a cheetah print doesn't exist! Our costumer hand painted all of the fabrics to bring our clients vision to life.

cheetah zoo stilt walkers

 Our champagne dress is always a huge hit at parties, she is great for fund raising events...the drinks never last! She is glamorous, photogenic, fun, flirty, and can even be a little sassy!

strolling table champagne dress

gliding champagne skirt dress
strolling champagne lady dress
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Strolling Champagne Dress and Stilt Walkers
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strolling champagne dress

Strolling Champagne Dress and Hoop Skirt

Strolling Champagne Dress

Silver and Burgandy

champagne dress
We had an amazing fund raising event to benefit St. Jude's Research Hospital. The star studded event raised over 2 million dollars for this incredible organization.

Our strolling champagne dress was gliding through the event offering guest's glasses of cold bubbly. She was a very popular lady as the the couples arrived and immediately offered them some drinks.

champagne dress hoop skirt
strolling champagne dress dancing

As you can see she had a great time, even swing dancing one of the guest's.

Our Strolling Champagne Dresses are move extremely smooth and elegant. They truly do GLIDE through your event. She is able to rotate, glide, sway, and swing without holding on to her skirt.
As you can see bu the blurred picture...she can rotate quickly!

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