Wednesday, April 5, 2017

LED Strolling Tables - Glowing Human Table Ladies

LED Strolling Table

San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

Are you looking to add that extra special something, that extra POP and WOW to your event?
Let us to introduce you to our glowing led strolling tables.

Our beautiful ladies will light up any event.

led strolling table

They will effortlessly glide through your event offering
champagne, appetizer's, or desserts to your guest's.

strolling tables led

 Who can resist a beautiful lady offering you a delicious dessert?

strolling led table

LED strolling tables can be customized to fit the mood of your event.

strolling table

Our young ladies interact and entertain your guest while serving them desserts.
They are always extremely popular!

glowing strolling table lady

The original
West Coast Strolling Tables

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Strolling Champagne Dress - Skirt

Strolling Champagne Skirt Dress

San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

A Strolling champagne dress for an animal themed event.
skirt full of Champagne glasses
 We had the pleasure of creating a special dress for an Cheetah themed event, if you have ever looked for a cheetah print doesn't exist! Our costumer hand painted all of the fabrics to bring our clients vision to life.

cheetah zoo stilt walkers

 Our champagne dress is always a huge hit at parties, she is great for fund raising events...the drinks never last! She is glamorous, photogenic, fun, flirty, and can even be a little sassy!

strolling table champagne dress

gliding champagne skirt dress
strolling champagne lady dress
 Check out some of our Champagne Skirt Dresses in action

 To see more of our Strolling Table designs

Strolling Champagne Dress and Stilt Walkers
San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

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strolling champagne dress

Strolling Champagne Dress and Hoop Skirt

Strolling Champagne Dress

Silver and Burgandy

champagne dress
We had an amazing fund raising event to benefit St. Jude's Research Hospital. The star studded event raised over 2 million dollars for this incredible organization.

Our strolling champagne dress was gliding through the event offering guest's glasses of cold bubbly. She was a very popular lady as the the couples arrived and immediately offered them some drinks.

champagne dress hoop skirt
strolling champagne dress dancing

As you can see she had a great time, even swing dancing one of the guest's.

Our Strolling Champagne Dresses are move extremely smooth and elegant. They truly do GLIDE through your event. She is able to rotate, glide, sway, and swing without holding on to her skirt.
As you can see bu the blurred picture...she can rotate quickly!

To see our Strolling Champagne Tables in action

Or check out some of our other Strolling Tables and Dresses

Strolling Champagne Dress & Tables
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Strolling Champagne Dress - Champagne Hoop Skirt

Strolling Champagne Dresses

These beautiful ladies will stroll through your event offering your guest's a glass of champagne - right off of her skirt!

Strolling Champagne Dresses

What a way to welcome your guest's into the event.

Our Champagne Skirts are extremely sturdy - the glasses stay straight and in place.

People are always delighted when they encounter one of our Strolling Champagne Dresses.

Strolling Champagne Dresses

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Strolling Tables in San Diego and Los Angeles

Strolling Tables

We have been adding that special WOW factor to events for over 8 years which is why we are the West Coast leader in Strolling Tables.

Our tables are designed to stroll on concrete, tile, carpet, and lawns. 
strolling Tables Marie Antoinette
White Marie Antoinette Strolling Table
 Strolling Tables can hold more glasses of champagne than the hoop skirts, and are more stable and secure. Our tables can hold over 100 glasses of wine or champagne.
Strolling table Palm Springs
Starry Night Strolling Table
Polka Dot strolling table
50's style Strolling Table
 Auction items are also a great way to utilize our strolling tables.
strolling table silver los angeles
Silver Elegance Strolling Table
strolling table skirt
USO themed Strolling Table
angel strolling table in the OC
Angel Strolling Table
strolling table in Palm Desert
Strolling Table on Lawn
Classic Marie Antoinette strolling table
Classic Marie Antoinette Strolling Table
This is a sample of our strolling tables. To see more check out our website:

Strolling Tables
is a division of 
strolling tables by San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Glam Rock Strolling Table

Glam Rock Strolling Table

We received a last minute call from a caterer in Los Angeles, they had an event the following day and absolutely had to have a strolling table for their desserts. We currently have over 50 table to choose from and after looking through our website they decided to go with our Glam Rock table.
She was fully loaded with incredible desserts. As she entered the party the guest's went nuts! They were so excited to take photos and interact with our Joan Jett looking table lady.

As you can see, she went through her desserts.

She even had a great time rockin' out with everyone!

Strolling Tables

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Available throughout Southern California
Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Desert

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Silver Hollywood Glamour Strolling Tables

Silver Glamour Strolling Table

If you are looking for that Old Hollywood Glamour feel for your event this strolling table will make a great addition. This picture does not do it justice! It sparkles and shimmers when the light hits it as the entire costume and table cloth have silver sequins covering it. 

For more info on our Strolling Tables

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